Our Annual Meeting in March is postponed for 2021 due to the pandemic.

Our annual meeting at the Central Florida Koi Show in Orlando will be at the Central Florida Koi Show in 2022. Dues may be paid by mail. Read more about the show at cfks.org    Make check payable to: ZNASKA
Mail to: Luanne Porter
             5550 Fort Denaud Rd.
             Fort Denaud, FL  33935

 Contact Luanne Porter, Treasurer for more information.

New members are welcome. The annual dues are approximately $135 depending on the exchange rate for the Japanese YEN. The fee is higher than that of other koi and pond clubs because subsription to the Nichirin magazine, shipped from Japan, is included.

Above: Photo of our first koi show in Naples, Florida.

Many of the  Southern Koi Association members make up the core group of people that handle the administration of the Central Floirda Koi Show (CFKS) along with the joint sponsorship of four central Florida koi and pond clubs. Most SKA members hold dual memberships in these clubs.

Our chapter takes members from anywhere however most members are in the southeast USA. We are chartered through ZNA Japan, under the US District. Our chapter has put on many koi shows over the years including three in Naples, two shows at Morikami Gardens in Boca Raton, and one in Gainesville, Florida. From time to time the CFKS has been designatied a ZNA show with judges coming from Japan and other countries including Holland and South Africa. ZNA style judging seminars have also been hosted at CFKS along with US District annual meetings.

ZNA SKA is a Koi Society member club.

We support the Central Florida Koi Show coming Orlando, March 22-24, 2019!

Visit our show website at: cfks.org

CFKS 2019 sm