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The purpose of our Web site is to familiarize koi hobbyists with Zen Nippon Airinkai (ZNA) and the Southern Koi Association. We hope you will enjoy visiting and that you will come back for information about the  koi hobby and showing koi. Membership is by application and membership renewal coincides with the annual subscription to Nichirin our koi magazine published by ZNA in Japan. Our membership drive each year coincides with the Central Florida Koi Show in March and extends into April. A large amount of the dues pays for the required subscription to Nirchirin with only a nominal amount to the chapter. Generally, our meetings are held in conjunction with show planning activities and koi  shows in Florida. Our annual business Meeting is the second weekend in March.

All Aboard!


Welcome! Here is a photo from our first show in Naples, 2006

See CFKS Show Web site for all information - Click here....


The Southern Koi Association (SKA) is based in Florida, however the chapter has members from throughout the southeastern USA and beyond. The club evolved out of discussions among the founders, Henry Culpepper, Rod Lawton, Don Hellard, and Joe White who wanted to start a ZNA Chapter in Florida and the  southeastern USA region.  Once the formation of the new club was announced, the news spread quickly with over 20 member families signing up within one month.  Before we could request friendship club status, our membership number increased enough for us to request full ZNA chapter status. We were granted full ZNA Chapter Club status by ZNA Japan in May of 2004. SKA was accepted as a charter member club to the Koi Society in 2012.

The chapter’s members are avid Koi show people and collectors who have attended and helped manage shows in Florida and outside the state for many years. The focus of this club is solely Koi, with emphasis on appreciation of these beautiful fish and learning to grow them to their maximum potential. Members of SKA are students of water quality, Koi pond and filtration design, Koi health, and of course the many Koi varieties and the history of their origins.

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